Organizational Elements of Effective Coalitions – R10 Apr 2023

Participants will explore a variety of organizational principles that will assist them in the overall development of their coalition by learning more about how to engage and sustain the involvement of key stakeholders and members over time, how to utilize dynamic group-development strategies, and how their efforts can connect with other coalition efforts in their area.

Building Protection Using the Social Development Strategy (SDS) – R10 July 2023

This 6-week series offers a unique interactive experience that explores how to build protection in communities, schools, and families using the Social Development Strategy (SDS). This learning series will build participants’ understanding of shared protective factors and how the SDS organizes protection into a strategy for action. Participants will learn and practice using the SDS and its components to design activities that will build protection in families, schools, coalitions, and communities.
The learning series provides online consultation, skill-based learning and practice, group and individual activities, reading assignments, and discussion on topics essential to building protection using key learnings from prevention science.