Workshop Option A: Equity in Action: Moving beyond Talk into Action

  • Level: Entry-level
  • Facilitator: Nicole M. Augustine, RIZE Consultants

This learning journey will cover three topics:

  • Equity in Data – How we collect, analyze, and share data affect our work on many levels. How can we strategically focus our services if we don’t accurately identify the structural inequities in our communities? This section will explore the history of research and data collection and explore ways of creating trust in communities, as data is foundational to allocating resources and advocating for change.
  • Equity in People – Human capacity is twofold and includes the diversity and inclusion of a variety of experiences at the “table”, and the diversity of resources in the community to address the community needs. This section will also provide each participant with an opportunity to explore their personal culture, unconscious bias, and the impact on our belief systems and ultimately our actions.
  • Equity in Action – Developing cultural adaptations while using evidence-based interventions can be a challenge. We will discuss how to embed equity into program planning to ensure the co-creation of projects with community members. This session will also highlight personal action steps that support equity in action; culminating with a discussion on how equity in action connects directly with staff roles and responsibilities.

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