Ripple Effects Mapping: Capturing Impacts of Complex Work – R10 Sept 2022

This 4-session distance learning series offers participants with an interactive opportunity to explore and experience Ripple Effects Mapping (REM), a participatory evaluation tool designed to identify the outcomes and impact of complex community work.

Getting Ready for Sustainability Planning – R9 August 2022

This 7-week series offers an interactive experience for participants to explore how to develop a sustainability plan. Sustainability planning is an intentional process of looking critically at your current prevention infrastructure, processes, and strategies to develop the necessary resources to sustain meaningful prevention outcomes beyond current funding.

Organizational Elements of Effective Coalitions – R9 Apr 2022

Participants will explore a variety of organizational principles that will assist them in the overall development of their coalition by learning more about how to engage and sustain the involvement of key stakeholders and members over time, how to utilize dynamic group-development strategies, and how their efforts can connect with other coalition efforts in their area.